Eurydice is a character in Greek Mythology. She made her début in around seven hundred BCE on Homer's: The Iliad and ends around the ninth century.

Eurydice was an ancient greek mortal nymph in Greek Mythology.


In Greek mythology, Eurydice was a nymph and one of the daughters of the god Apollo. She was married to Orpheus, a legendary musician and poet.

After their marriage, Aristaeus, a minor god pursued her and wanted to marry her. While trying to avoid the minor, Eurydice accidentally stepped on a snake who bit her and she fell dead. Upon hearing the news, Orpheus was devastated, he wouldn't do anything or go out of his house for days. Then he cleverly devised a plan to get her wife back from death. Since he was the former apprentice of Apollo, who happened to be the god of music as well, the music Orpheus played was immensely amazing and even the deities of Olympus would listen in on it.

Orpheus went to the entrance of the Underworld and made all the guardians fall slowly asleep, also the three headed hellhound, Cerberus fell asleep on his duties as guardian. Even the Furies or Erinyes let him in and made way for him. When it came to the ferryman daemon, Charon, he immediately refused to let Orpheus go any more into the Underworld and that it was strictly for the dead. Except, when he played his music, the daemon agreed to let him pass because he was soothed by the music that Orpheus played. He took him to the castle of the Underworld deity, Hades. When it was the god's turn, even he felt that the music was soothing and asked his wife, Persephone how she felt about the idea about letting his wife go. Persephone agreed. So, Hades agreed on one condition. Orpheus dare not turn back and look at his wife until they were both out of the demonic realm.

Orpheus went around in the Underworld searching for Eurydice, when he heard her, he closed his eyes and held her hand. While holding her hand, she walked behind him and they passed all the Demons that lurked down in the Underworld. When they got to the entrance and passed the three headed hellhound, Orpheus saw the sunlight of the overworld and finally was out and looked back to his newly living wife. Except, he forgot that they both had to be out of the Underworld. Eurydice was still inside. He then saw his wife slowly being dragged back into the Underworld.

The legend concludes with this:

Orpheus wept and wept, he was so close. He got so upset.

So the gods left him, never dying. But instead on the mountain near the entrance of the Underworld.

Where you may still hear him playing the harp The one he would make Eurydice listen to.


Production NotesEdit

  • Eurydice was married to Orpheus formerly.