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Counterpart: Furies (Roman)
Status: Existing
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Species: Monsters, Erinyes
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First appearance: "700 BCE"
Latest appearance: "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief Movie"
The furies are more powerful than you can even imagine.

Erinyes, also known as Furies are a species in Hesiod and Homer's Greek Mythology. They make their début in around 700 BCE and have made their most recent appearance in Rick Riordan's first Greek Mythology movie, Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief.


Erinyes are a species in Greek Mythology. They are better known and frequently called Furies.

According to Hesiod's Theogony, when the Titan Cronus castrated his father Uranus and threw his genitalia into the sea, the Erinyes as well as the Meliae emerged from the drops of blood when it fell on the earth (Gaia), while Aphrodite was born from the crests of sea foam. According to variant accounts, they emerged from an even more primordial level—from Nyx ("Night"), or from a union between air and mother earth. Their number is usually left indeterminate. Virgil, probably working from an Alexandrian source, recognized three: Alecto or Alekto ("endless"), Megaera ("jealous rage"), and Tisiphone or Tilphousia ("vengeful destruction"), all of whom appear in the Aeneid.

Dante followed Virgil in depicting the same three-character triptych of Erinyes; in Canto IX of the Inferno they confront the poets at the gates of the city of Dis. Whilst the Erinyes were usually described as three maiden goddesses, the Erinys Telphousia was usually a by-name for the wrathful goddess Demeter, who was worshipped under the title of Erinys in the Arkadian town of Thelpousa.

Erinyes (furies) are also immortal due to being a deity. They are chthonic deities meaning they inhabit the Underworld.

Known FuriesEdit

  • Erinyes, mentioned by Hades and who sends them to do his jobs in the mortal world.


On-Screen NotesEdit

  • Erinyes are known to be immortal. ("Zeus")
    • However, Zeus' lightning bolt has the power to destroy them by erasing them from existence.



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