Erasing Deities From Existence
Biographical Information
Used on: Hades (Once Upon a Time)
Kronos (Once Upon a Time)
Kronos (Clash of the Titans)
Ares (Wrath of the Titans)
Poseidon (Wrath of the Titans)
Status: Existing
Used by: Perseus (Wrath of the Titans)
Zelena (Once Upon a Time)
Location: Mount Olympus
Item used: Lightning Bolt
Show Information
First appearance: "Clash of the Titans"
Latest appearance: "Once Upon a Time"
Next appearance: "Strange Case"

Erasing Deities From Existence, also known as Killing A God is a method of destroying/killing gods in Greek Mythology. They make their début in the movie, Clash of the Titans.


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Step-By Step MethodEdit

  1. Use the Lightning Bolt on desired deity/god.
  2. Either stab them with the lightning bolt or simply conjure lightning from it.
  3. Now the desired deity will be destroyed.
  4. Method Complete


On-Screen NotesEdit