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• 10/23/2017

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• 8/26/2016

Poll Suggestions

Here, give us some poll suggestions. We update it every month so quickly type your suggestion in!
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• 7/14/2016

Upcoming Characters / Movies

If there is a page where it says: [character name] is an upcoming character on Greek Myth Wikia. He/she will make their début in (around) [date].
It means they are upcoming characters to the wiki and they are in the works.
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• 7/6/2016

Changes to Infobox

Hi y'all! We want to hear your voice and was wondering if we should change the 6 main Olympians to be a "Mount Othrys Character" instead of a "Mount Olympus Character", due to where they were actually born and actually from. Please let us know and we'll start working on that straight away!
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• 7/1/2016

New Update to the Wiki!!!

Batuhan03, Funbat03 and Me have been working together to make a major update to the wiki which includes the Portals! Which are the round circle things, when you hover over them it's really cool and all. Been searching all across wikias and css/html websites as well to do this! Also the new template, Template:Welcome, when you make your first edit to the wiki you can now get messages from bots on your message wall!!! (it will say by us but it's automatic!). With the portals, we have made HomeLocations (Location Portals) and HomeCharacters (Character Portals). We are still working on other bugs to fix and other cool stuff to add to improve the wiki even more! So we are now pleased to introduce Greek Myth Wikia 2.0!
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• 6/10/2016

Greek Myth Wikia is growing!

Hi all! Founder & Admin here of the Greek Myth Wiki and I am proud to say that our wiki is growing!!! I hope you all enjoy the wiki as much as I love editing / adding pages. If you would like to talk, leave a suggestion or just say something in general... Do so on my Message Wall!
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